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Overhead view of Drumkilbo House and gardens

Drumkilbo Gardens

Drumkilbo lies within nearly 15 acres of gardens and woodlands. The formal gardens to the west of the house were designed by Sir Robert Lorimer and comprise two terraces. In the north-east corner is a pergola with power and lighting and it is an enjoyable spot in which to share cocktails in the early evening.

Stone wall in Drumkilbo gardens

The lower terrace is dominated by rhododendrons of many colours which bloom in May. To the east of the house, and fenced off separately, is the pool area – the pool is heated and there is a pool house with changing facilities and summer furniture. Next to the pool is a trampoline.


The woodlands contain several unusual species. To the north of the house is a Spanish Chestnut said to date from 1745. Others include a “handkerchief” tree and several redwoods from China. There is a cut leaf lime reputed to be a world champion as it is the tallest of its species and a tulip tree said to be the most northerly flowering of its species.

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